Collect payments from
multiple clients

Invoice customers worldwide
Collect payments from multiple clients
Get paid for the completed work
Charge your client for every task you work on with an auto-generated invoice. Then withdraw the money to your preferred payment method and currency. Feel safe with reports tailored to local tax compliance.
  1. Sign up by invitation or without
    Set up your profile specifying some essential information like your country, specialization etc.
  2. Invite your customer
    Send a single email link to your customer. After agreeing to the offer and the balance upgrade, they will be able to pay for the finished work.
  3. Set the task
    Type a detailed description, indicate the cost of the work and tick a box to get the IP rights for the result (if needed). This information allows us to generate proper accounting documents for you and your customer.
  4. Get paid
    When a customer pays for the task Flime transfers the payment to you and the IP rights to the customer for the results of the work
  5. Be covered with tax compliant documents
    All the invoices you made are kept in your personal account in Flime. Moreover, you will receive reports for the previous financial period to download and print if needed.